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JetBlue Credit Card Review and Ratings

JetBlue Credit Card Review and Ratings:- No doubt, a credit card will offer numerous financial as well as safety benefits when it comes to the flexible borrowing of power. It does not matter how many credit cards you own; it is important to think for which type of credit card you should go for as per your needs and spending habits like travelling and shopping, etc. Getting the JetBlue Credit Card will become an excellent deal for most of the consumers.

These will provide you travel for at least once a year with the connected airline. Certainly, there are two types of JetBlue credit cards, that are- the JetBlue Plus Card and the other one is no annual fee, JetBlue Card. The JetBlue Plus Card is completely worth it instead of its high annual fee of $99 between the benefits of free checked baggage’s, airline credit, as well as anniversary bonuses.

If you start taking advantage of the various discounts and bonuses that the JetBlue Credit Card provides, the no annual fee JetBlue card will stand out to prove as a better option. A person has to take advantage of the rewards if he wants to break even the JetBlue Card’s annual fee of $99 or else e will be losing money every year.

This could be by either booking a single ticket every year or by earning about 8,250 points annually on the card. The JetBlue Credit Card has some fantastic daily usage that will help you earn 2 TrueBlue points on every $1 purchase when you do for groceries or while dining out.

JetBlue Credit Card Review and Ratings

  • The benefits of using JetBlue credit cards is the addition of extra TrueBlue points that you earn on your every purchase. Using a credit card to book tickets with the co-branded airline will eventually result in earning you a reward of 6 points for every $1 spent on the JetBlue Plus Card.
  • JetBlue card users who compensate for their points also receive a 10% of TrueBlue points added which means if you compensate for 10,000 points towards a flight ticket, 1,000 will get credited to your account as payback.
  • Spending about $1,000 on the purchases within the first 90 days on the JetBlue plus card will help you qualify for 30,000 points as bonus. People with JetBlue plus card as well as the business credit card account will also get a chance to get awarded with a 5,000 points bonus every year on the anniversary. The award has a value of $60 that can be put on the card’s annual fee.
  • The card members who get this card as an upgrade also get a chance to earn a $100 bonus as a companion benefit. To qualify this, the cardholders need to spend at least $500 on their new credit card.

Before you apply for any credit card, you must be aware of the interest rates as well as the repayment procedures that are associated with it. Make sure that you are fully aware of the fees and the penalties, as it will work to your benefit if you gradually start developing the spending habits right in the initial stage itself.

Updated: November 30, 2017 — 6:11 pm

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